Sunday, September 7, 2008

Six things

ok six things about me. Are these things that people don't know? Or just general things? Or just random things? Or things that aren't secrets? Hmm...I'll do a combo.

1) I'm a wine-o. I enjoy a fine wine and even a cheap one depending on the evening.
2) I have very sensitive underarms, so I need to be very careful in choosing deodorant. When I first starting using it, I was in so much pain. I need to use unscented.
3) I recently discovered that sleeping without underwear is very liberating! I love the three weeks a month that I can go commando at night-time.
4) I don't care about politics. I don't care who will be president because both have good and bad things. There will always be people arguing about how things should be done the other way, no matter what it is.
5) I'm still afraid of the dark.
6) I think I have an ulcer.


Cindy said...

I think the title of yours should be "Six Highly Personal Things About Me." Good job! Now you have to tag six more people (not me, I already did it).

Happy Monday!! :D

Ha ha. My word verification starts with "turd."

Nadia said...


Cindy said...

Hey! You! How about your write something on your blog? Since that's what it's for, and all...